Wanna Say, "WTF" Out loud?

So I sent this link to my boss cause I was pretty sure I didnt want to see it and he said, well thats gross but look at this guy humping a chicken, bwhahahhaha
I know, I like to tease him :D

besides, he's already been fapping to her alice in wonderland pics for a good year now.
why_ask_why said:
far worse crimes have been perpetrated in the name of humor over there...years ago I once changed all the images in a thread that brought a couple thousand viewers to goatse...it was pre release pics of a console or something

aussiehax was in on it tonight :)

yeah, it is rather odd that I shocked people on gm with something from here...sign of the apocalypse?:omy:

i'll be honest, i find this place to be waaaaay more shocking than genmay.

was the double penetration shot from AEC? :lol:

i swear i've seen that somewhere before, i'm just too lazy to check.
Onnotangu said:
thank you APRIL for Not marking the first fucking pic NWS.
I really needed to see that shit first thing.

Did you miss the "NWS NWS NWS NWS NWS" in the thread description? Put on your glasses old man.