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Halp usrnet50.dll virus?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, May 1, 2010.

  1. So I just restarted windows and once I logged in, this error message popped up.


    Don't have a clue what that file is, so I pulled out the trusty ol' Google and typed in "usrnet50.dll".

    I got absolutely NOTHING!

    This is weird.

    Help! :(
  2. Now I just logged out, and then back in, and got this slightly different message.


    Still can't figure out what the file is, or where it came from.
  3. could be a virus or adware with a randomly generated name.
  4. I seriously doubt that rundll would have an error saying that a DLL was a virus. Sounds like malware.
  5. I now know your C folder file structure. Now I will hack the gibson.

    You have no chance to survive, make your time.
  6. 1. update adobe acrobat reader if you use it, or switch to an alternative pdf viewer. PDFs are common ways of getting malware on your computer.
    2. update java and flash for the same reasons.
    3. stop using internet explorer. seriously, so many 0-days it isn't funny anymore. yes FF/opera/chrome have 0-days, but you don't have to wait over a month for a patch.
    4. run antivirus if you are stupid enough to get a virus.

    to clean up your pc:
    i'd post my own guide/steps I use to clean my customer's computers, but is easier to just link to the 1 of thousand guides out there to remove malware:

    in conclusion, you have to be some kind of stupid to get a virus these days.
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    Actaully I don't think you'll find a 0 day for Chrome. I remember reading an article recently that at some browser hackathon, no one even attempted to target Chrome.

    edit: And one of my coworkers got malware recently from visiting a site that had a malicious ad. He was using Firefox and didn't even click anything. 2 seconds later, IDSs are going off all over the place.
  8. then add noscript and/or adblock.
  9. lol.
  10. USRNET50.dll tied to Connectify Service

    I've got the same file in my appdata\local\ directory. It was detected by BitDefender as Gen:Variant.Xpuse.1 but BitDefender was unable to clean or delete the file.

    In my investigations, I found a startup entry for usrnet50.dll, which I disabled through SpyBot. Then, I tried to delete the file manually, which failed.

    However, the error message given to me when I tried to delete manually was enlightening. The file couldn't be deleted because it was in use by a program called Connectify, which is used to create a wifi hotspot through your laptop.

    Since I did indeed download Connectify and was aware of its installation, I am going to leave usrnet50.dll alone.
  11. Hmmm well this is strange then, as I'm having trouble with this file on my desktop PC which has no wireless abilities at all.

    I wonder what else I could have installed that had this bundled in with it.

    And welcome to the site ppdk!
  12. Isn't that the one caused by the aussie government spying on your computer to make sure you don't bad mouth Paul Hogan?
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  16. Speaking of Juli did she ever have any luck on the job hunt after NASA?
  17. *waits for mel gibson-esque rant* :fly:
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