useless story v. my brother



Evidently my brother is not so good at the travelling. Poor guy was nervous or something. He has much to learn. I regret that I had to move away without giving him the benefit of my wisdom. Here is the story, exactly as he told me.

"So here's how it goes...

I'm all nervous like you wouldn't believe about the trip to dallas. I have
never flown before and I am really scared and nervous and all that.

So I get on the plane in victoria and I start freaking out as I see the
ground dropping under us. I have a jack n coke to calm my nervs, but it
doesn't help, I end up puking it right back up on the plane, I found out
later that I was so worried that I actually made myself sick.

It get's better...I got to houston and missed my flight to dallas, so I'm
freaking out even more, so I finally make it on the plane, sick as a dog. I
manage to hold it in until we land, but at the DFW terminal, I got right off
the plane and puked my guts up in the trashcan right outside of the door.

Here's where it get's fun, I am busy puking and I notice that I am actually
spraying liquid shit out my ass just as fast as I am spraying it out my
mouth. I think to my self, this is nice. so here I am, dripping to my ankles
in shit, and vomit on my clothes, walking through the dallas airport, I
can't find my luggage, and to make a long story short, I am checking into
the hilton in shitty clothes and people are looking at me like, what is that
nasty person doing here?

it was a moment I will not soon forget."