UF buddy chat!

dreamwalker said:
It described what was happening to perfection :)

As I was growing up I learned to speak English from a very well-educated person.

You and yer fancy book-learnin'.

I'm the only one on. :eek:
Ooooh, I just noticed something!!! On the BBMEssenger launch page, there's the picture of the girl supposedly using a computer ( :fly: ) and there's a server in the background- I work in the manufacturing facility that makes those servers!! :eek:
Please note that any popup blockers MOST be turned off due to the messenger opening up in a popup window.

theacoustician said:
bump, don't forget about our cool beta messenger

I love our cool beta messenger, because while I'm at work and operating in a Solaris environment, this is the only really decent messenger that works without an installation, as well as from behind our superduper firewall. :heart: the messenger!