Toys 'R' Us Sold...

April23 said:
The last time I was in Toys R Us, my friend tried to "ride" a stuffed pony. :ugh:

That's why I don't take Jaxxor with me when I have to go in there... :hs:
BigDov said:
Good for making the little shits use their brain for more than whining at me too.

:D. Legos are probably some of the best toys you could give your kids. Of coures the newer ones are less imagination inspiring then the old ones.
SpangeMonkee said:
The Babies R Us premium diapers are the BEST diapers ever. and they are cheaper than 90% of all diapers.
i <3 huggies
Fat Burger said:
The Toys R Us by my house closed about...three months ago, maybe? They had a huge 75% off clearance sale. I went in to buy some stuff, saw that the lines were about 30 people long, and left.
I bought these cool finger lights there back when I was doin drugs every weekend. Haven't been back since. :fly:
Thats not suprising. I had been hearing that the Toys r Us' were all going to become Babies or Kides r Us' and sell mostly childrens clothes/ supplies and very limited toys.
fly said: