Today's Girl Topic: LowCut Shirts, Boy Shorts, and Wearing Makeup To Bed

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Clam whisperer
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
What was your favorite accessory of 2004 and tell me all about your favorite pair of platforms!

My favorite accesory would have to be my footsies. You know when you're wearing heels all day without tights and your feet get all sore and you just wanna take them off? Well we have tights for feet, I dunno what they're called in your country but they're a godsend.

Subtopic: Who do you think will be the first to rail Brad Pitt now?
Nemo said:
On a side note: What color shall I paint my toes? I have a sparkly blue here and I'm wearing all blue today, so I could go with that or a rather expensive gold I have.

Your estrogen is killing my labido.
Nemo said:
Weird, I thought you were the kinda guy who wanted to get rid of the evidence. Next time take tips from Chikken.

if you bag the parts itll still be there later when the cops dig itup
put the part by itself in a hole and it will biodegrade in no time