Thread This week I'm positive it's NFL week 7

shit, i have the saints defense. :(

edit: shit shit shit. brees is my QB. fucker is has negative points right now.
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falcons are looking good. very happy to see their return home. this is the first of a 3 game home schedule. we're 15-1 at home with Ryan and looking at 16-1. hopefully we'll be 18-1 after this 3 game home stretch.

I picked both wash and balt on my picks this week. stupid balt.
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falcons game is intense. just came back from giving up 22 pts in the 3rd. td and 2 pt conversion to take the lead by 7 in the 4th.
cheifs ended up raping the jaguars in the second half. 42-20.

brees got out of the negative points for me, managed to do completely mediocre but at least he got back to the pos.
Brees' wife just had a kid. They named him Bowen.

Brees throws two pick-six's to David Bowens.

Every QB knows not to name a newborn a name of an player on the defense on a team you are playing in an immediately upcoming game. Brees was just asking for it.