This was in my PM box on another forum.


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Sep 30, 2004
Dear elpmis

When you were born your mother filled your skull
with torrential shit from her ass before you fell
out from her vagina.

Inside your skull is completely full of shit, and
when you die the worms wont come for you since
you're clearly such a sick sad individual with a
pathetic sad evil existence. The maggots will come
for you, you're only a sick twisted excuse for a

We know who you are your ip address has been
logged and will be passed to Interpol to join 2 or
3 more pathetic sicko's just like you, even though
you think you're "ahead" using a proxy, and may I
suggest fuck face be careful because the voices
you hear inside your shit fat ugly head on a daily
basis, may be real and may decide to pay you a
personal visit.

When you look in the mirror, do you feel like a
sick headed psycho of a CUM face?

Rot with the maggots you sick evil bastard, that's
why your mommy hates you, that's why your daddy
hates you, and that's why the whole planet
despises you, Ya evil sick looking retarded sick

Die you bastard, Die in your sleep tonight you
sick EVIL Cunt!!


elpmis...oh elpmis....

I want to kiss........
your chest haaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiir

I want to lick.......
your seeeeeeppppptuuuuuuumm


I find it odd how they put "CUM" in all caps. Like that was the worst substance they could think of to insult you with.