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[Contest] This may shock you, but I can't stand "gun people"

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. I came to the realization lately that I cannot stand your average shooter/gun owner, particularly the ones who frequent web forums.

    First off, most of them are idiots, and I don't mean your usual "you disagree, therefore you're an idiot"-type idiot, I mean these guys are probably 80 IQ-type idiots. They have little to no knowledge of the written English language, and can't type, yet have tons to say and write. I imagine that if I met them IRL the majority of the conversation would be grunts and head gestures.

    They're all SUPER-HYPER-ULTRA-MEGA-UBER conservative TO THE MAX. They're so hardcore that they make me look like a circa 2008 Obama supporter. Don't dare make mention of support of a gay rights initiative or anything even remotely liberal, or the horde of foaming at the mouth hysterical (and chubby) neck bearders will emerge, and the admin will probably ban you for good measure.

    All of their opinions are copy/pastes. Ask a question about a product and the response will go one of two ways "It's GTG" (good to go) or "Don't buy that Chicom shit, buy X-brand" (X-brand is usually one of the companies that donates to whatever forum you happen to on). It's also important to mention that anything not approved of is "Chicom shit", even if it's made in Mexico. Interesting as well is that you'll find them in the general forum touting the purchase of a new Kia or Samsung TV.

    They're all in debt. Oh dear lord, how they are in debt. They'll purchase a $3,000 AR15 and brag about it in one thread, then in another talk about how the construction and trucking industry (they're all employed by one or the other, mind you) has gone to shit. You'll also commonly see "I just put this on lay-away" threads, which are most often the guy saying "I just put this on lay-away at Todd's Gun N Tackle in Mobile" with accompanying pics of whatever it is on the store counter, and sometimes the slack-jawed store owner's pot belly hanging over the counter glass. NOTE: While writing the "mobile" part I was doing my best southern accent impression in my head.

    So yeah, I can't stand "gun people".
  2. I cant stand people in general.
    Theyre the worst.
  3. I hate you too.
  4. posting in a troll thread :p
  5. I can't stand Americans. Fuck this disgusting country of people from other countries.
  6. This topic serves no purpose as a troll thread on this forum, a better one would have been "I'm a democrat now" or something.
  7. Go back to australia already sarcasmo.
  9. And here, you have just described 90% of Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana.
  10. What is the forum? I wanna join.
  11. plus these gun people are like 4'8", and thus lesser people, eh comrade?
  12. rednecks aren't just for the south anymore. they even have them in canada!
  13. and you forgot florida. you have some of the trashiest rednecks on the planet down there :p
  14. I don't know who anyone is on this forum anymore.

    I hate people who change their names all the time on forums. I also hate people who name rape other people on forums.
  15. Eileen is okay with regular rape.
  16. I've been to a few gun clubs where the average person was as you describe Mr. KNYTE.

    So many of them are just as bad as the anti-freedom liberals I detest so much, except that they hate other kinds of freedom.
  17. Surprise sex you mean.
  18. well shit, who isn't?
  19. I gotta lord over whoever I can at my height.
  20. a guy here at work was telling me just yesterday he joined a gun club started by 2 jewish housewives. now that's funny