Thread This just in! Cats suck massholes. Film @ 11.


Nov 16, 2010
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omg post some cute cat pics. im hoping i can lure april out of zacs cozy ballsack to come and share some Edward stories.


i googled SEXY CATS and found this pic. i am disappoint.
I love this thread already! When I get home I will treat each poster in this thread with one of my favorite cat pics
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omg i love trollin yahoo answers when im bored and its too damn hot to go outside.

i give you this:

Bruises and cuts on breasts?
Last night I had sex with a man. I kept drinking to get more drunk because everytime he kissed or sucked on my breasts, it hurt so bad. Well when I got home I noticed my breasts are black and blue with about 10 little cuts on each breast. It is so painful!! plus there is a chance i could be pregnant. Then this morning I found out the man was a sex offender. Do I need to see a doctor? What do i do? what do i tell them?
3 years ago