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Aug 10, 2007
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May 24, 2018
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that dumbass politics thread, no doubt
Well, it may be about politics. I'm thinking it's the politics of feminism. THis place is basically dudes too young to ACTUALLY be boomers, practicing all the misogynistic slurs and thoughts of true boomers. By modern, "awoke" feminist thinking, we all suck, the women too(worse?), for our terribly out-dated stuck-in-the-80's roll. I personally am at peace with it - I know and come here to be on my worst behaviour. The wives who no longer come here think this forum is banal shit. Some of the women who have disappeared may have decided it's banal shit.
TUhMollie likes it because it's like being a groupie for a band. Haven't a clue about the others . . . maybe Dory is gathering material for a thesis? Rather odd she helps sex workers but comes here for banter that basically positions all women as sluts.
Get FUcking Real People.