The Saleen Store @ Irvine Spectrum (5mb of images, 56k go make a sandwich)

shawndavid said:
It was a 4.9 anyway, whizzletits. Chevy made the 5.0.

Ford's a bunch o liars!!!!

the ford 5.0 was really a 4.9? :wtf:
I'm guessing it was like 4.96 or something and they just rounded up?
There's a few more pics of this place when it opened:


Man, I bet the guy with the job of standing next to the car wearing the racing gear all day sucks. Do you think he gets bathroom breaks?
That place looks awesome! I acutally saw one just like this on the highway 2 weeks ago! Some old man was driving it in the right lane 5 under the speed limit :( what a waste...