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The Proving Grounds are hot

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by theacoustician, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. All members waiting to become full members can now post to the Proving Grounds. Tell all your friends you invited.

    They can't get out yet, but hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow.

    Proving Grounds members cannot see this forum, btw.
  2. woowoo. This should be interesting :D
  3. i love hidden forams....

    we can talk about the worthless little fuckers we dislike ALL WE WANT....

    until you let them in, they search their names, read it, and BUST YOU....just like Andy did to me and Titan...yep. (
  5. I like regulare forums.

    You can make fun of worthless little fucks.
  6. hawt proving grounds :drool:
  7. QFT
  8. Ok, someone get a non-activated account to post there ... I want to see if I boned it up.
  9. Can we throw stuff at them to see if they get mad?

    I want to poke something through the bars with a stick.
  10. If its witty, sure. If its just plain mean, no.
  11. I think the word you're looking for is "caddleprod", not "stick".
  13. Isn't it 'cattle prod' ?
  14. Everyone drop by and say hi to Fase while you're over there!
  15. Am I allowed to say "pwnt!" ?

    I won't if I'm not allowed to.

    I mean, I wouldn't want to get in trouble for saying PWNT! or anything.
  16. If you can find a more witty way of doing it. One word responses suck.
  17. Okay, yeah. That was it.
  18. Bah! it's late, give me a break :p

    Actually, I'm going to bed right now hehe
  19. At 5 PM? :wtf:

    Wait. You must live 'out there'*...

    * meaning anyplace outside the borders of the world, i.e. the US, and probably where terrists are.
  20. oh yeah, the proving grounds are smoking........ snide comments, jabs, etc. Can't wait for some of those people to get out!!! :D