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Hawt The Potato Kiki/CEO Thread Unwrapped (again) Show

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Duke, Oct 5, 2015.

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  1. Just like 'The Talking Dead', or any other series that seems to have it's own call in fan show immediately after, I feel that there might be a hole in a few hearts with the sudden cancellation of our favorite series, KiKiEmDoubleU. This thread is for all of us to commiserate losing our daily dose of the wacky fun filled insanity that fills Kiki's life.
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  2. is this the after party?
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  3. Don't worry. She's pretty much insane. She'll conjure up something entertaining for you guys by the end of the week.
  4. let it die, you bastard.
  5. Your words are like daggers
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  7. Here for the after party.
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  8. Remember when she planned that trip to Vegas with her girl pal, and thintoast lost his shit because he was planning on taking her there??

    I think that's how it happened anyways.
  9. I thought it was Ted Cruz because he's a Hispanic Canadian.
  10. he's amazing.
    he's good to me.
    he tells me I'm beautiful all the time.
    he loves me.
    he says I'm awesome.
    he's generous
    he's kind
    i love all the amazing things he has done for the community.
  11. I'm pretty sure I had very little participation in that conversation. Just like I had very little participation about the Dubai trip. And the trip to Mexico.

    But if it makes you feel better thinking that I'm totally jelly of the CEO, go ahead and assume that and rip away.
  12. too soon?
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  13. honestly i've just always assumed that was the case
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  14. Good to assume.

    You might be right.
  15. The title of the old thread should be updated for accuracy.

    The Kiki and CEO Together Forever Until They Break Up Again Thread/BMW Edition

    & this one should be The 2015 Kiki and CEO Late Summer / Post BMW Edition
  16. Holy fuck!!!!
    You guys

    I've returned BMW
    I'm in the porsche with him now. Just had coffee.
    We are back together.
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  17. Lololol... Wow
  18. :lol: I love this
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  19. Chapter 2

    Dear Diary, I traded in the BMW for a Porsche and it only cost me some road head and the last shred of dignity I had, but it's totally worth it. #YOLO #DUBAI2015
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  20. kiki is trollier than jcc.
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