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The Origin of Funzie the Clown....

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Dear lord that's disturbing.
  2. Kinda looks like the nev.

  3. I kackle and laff like a 'tard whenever I see it
    No idea why
  4. Haha, ... so, some left in the jar? :shifty:

  5. Whats actually "in the jar" is a mystery :shady:

  6. Either way, I think I want dibs on it.

  7. Time will tell.
    I need to collaborate with the elfpenis on this idea.
    I want to make an ongoing comic out of this.

  8. :dirk: That would be pleasant. :fly:

  10. I love Funzie like...well, like I love cake.

  11. man, thats a lot of love right there
  12. Funzie has sooo many uses! sadly, hes part of uselessforums...

  13. He could be the new mascot
    I mean, its not like he can run away from us or anything
  14. if done right, that kinda pic could make for great forum
  15. 5000 marklars for funzie
  16. We need a funzie smiley

    And a logo

    "Funzie Mayo, where there's a jack in every box"

  17. lol:heart:
  19. I'm still cackling over that image Drool, you rock :heart: