So, what are your plans for Mothers Day?



...I guess I need to do something for it. I'm not sure what yet. I think I might get her some laptop ram.
We got both of our mothers purses which will be mailed out this week.

Dm of mD
Pandora said:
My mom will be getting some of her favorite roses, even though she doesn't deserve them at the moment. *grumble*

All the pain and agony she went through to bring you into this world? The sacrifices she had to make bringing you up? The tears she shed when she set you free into the world?

I think she deserves those flowers.
Thinking of flowers, Ill probably just send a card. If I buy her flowers then I got to do my sister too. and then I should do my grandmother too. I cant afford all of that.
Pandora said:
Any female with working plumbing can do that. But that is not what makes a woman a mother. :tard:

If she births you she's a mother. If she raises you she is a mother. Did she not raise you?