Red vs Blue restored my faith in the intarweb


I Robert I

Yes, I'm back from my several hour lurk mode. A buddy of mine asked if I had seen the latest episode of Red vs. Blue yet. Of course I hadn't since I hadn't even heard of it before.
"What the fuck dood where have you been!?" I hear you say. I don't know quite honestly. It was dark and moist though...

After seeing the first few eps I promptly downloaded all of them and have been watching them for the last couple of days. They tengo mucho awesome. CABOSE ROCKS.. yeah... Now I have to wait for the next one :(

If you, like me, have been in a dark moist place and therefore missed out on this great little series I urge you to visit their page right here: I believe they only have the latest eps on the page but you can get the rest via your favorite mexican diner.

</incoherent post>
NeedMoreEmo said:
Not clicking the link, I prefer to sit here weeping for my black tormented, lonely soul.
Click it! Click it I say! Dooo eeet.
"...what's that Mexican lizard that eats the goats?"

"Chipacabra, sir."

"Yeah! How bout that, Griff? Chip-a-thingy!"
I liked all the people in gamestop who would stop and watch the halo2 instore preview dvd with the RvB skit on it like :wtf: