Public uploader added - 10/21

not sure if this was noticed yet but when i click the go to last post button in the last post column of the main forum page it takes me to the first post.

Which icon are you clicking on to do this?

was just testing the uploader...when you upload multiple files and one is too big, they all crap out instead of just rejecting the over the limit one..what is the size limit?

The size limit is 1024k.
Is the rep adder different? I don't remember it being that easy to use before.
Yep, its AJAX now. I didn't notice that.
Which icon are you clicking on to do this?

When I click here:

It takes me here:

When it should take me to the last post by BeeRad
Click the button to the left of the thread title with the down arrow on it.
Works every time for me.

This way works. On the old server my originally posted method always worked just fine... oh well, I'll use this one for now then. Thanks!
My post tend to be rather boring and mind numbing, its probably a good thing :fly:

Oh, I see. Fly implemented some kind of Amazonish data mining/targeted marketing system.

"If you liked this post, you're sure to enjoy these posts too!"

Except in this case it was "You really don't want to see this one, believe me" :fly:
Anyone having problems viewing threads should try changing their skin to "Test" until fly can figure out wtf is wrong. Its ugly, but it seems to clear up the issues. If you've forgotten you can change your skin via the drop down menu at the very lower left of the page.