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Baby POLO ... Polooooooooooo

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. who is polo
  2. The Forum Doctor.
    The original.
  4. Dear Dr. Polo,
    My jaw sometimes clicks when I chew. I have a second job as a fluffer, will this impact my ability to fluff?

  5. TMJ? Mine does it too and can escalate into worse.
  6. #sadflypeen
  7. My dentist said mine was due to braces and can become a problem so if it ever starts hurting I'm supposed to tell him.
  8. i get that from giving blow jobs in uncomfortable positions.
    i need to be facing the peen or be upside down. not off to the side of the peen.
  9. Naa, my jaw doesn't click IRL.
  10. You're clearly not giving enough blow jobs
  11. I had it bad when I had my wisdom teefs in. Sometimes my jaw would lock in place completely. and I would not be able to open past a certain amount of close my mouth past the same amount.

    Thankfully it's gone now.