played poker with webster last night


Oct 13, 2004
went to 2 bars that were having texas holdem tournaments last night and the 2nd place, sure enough, there was webster sitting at the table next to me...he freakin won too! :lol:
ironically enough, the night before i was chillin' with webster (I call him web lite) at the AA meeting

that little guy can drink
But if I go to hell, well then I hope I burn well. I'll spend my days with J.F.K., Marvin Gaye, Martha Raye, and Lawrence Welk. And Kurt Cobain, Kojak, Mark Twain and Jimi Hendrix's poltergeist. And Webster, yeah Emmanuel Lewis cause he's the anti-christ
why_ask_why said:
yup, he won the tournament!
yes, it was emanuel lewis...he lives in ATL

he used to be at all the events at lubys (my local bar)

the first time i noticed it was him he was at the urinal next to me :fly: