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Picks of my Gibson (non-hacked version)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by crazymike, Oct 26, 2004.

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    Pics of my Gibson (non-hacked version)

    This is my horse Gibson. He's a 6 year old American Quarter Horse. His racing name was chatinbak. I got my jocks license on this horse and rode my first race on him. Aswell as several other races. He's probably the coolest horse I've ever rode. So ofcourse when he was ready to retire, I had to buy him. He likes to eat hay, mints, apples and stud muffins. Aswell as sweet feed and crunch.






    MONEY SHOT!!!!
  2. ummm, okay

    edit: he's so coy :fly:
  4. I don't like horses all that much. No offense to you at all crazymike.... I've just never been comfortable around them.

  5. Yeah, it's kind of you love them or hate them. But they take some getting used to.
  6. Any if anyone is wondering why I would name him after a retarded computer from a movie, I didn't.

    He's actually named after Gibson whisky, because that's what they originally paid for him, a case of gibson whisky.
  7. They are some fine looking horses though. Forgot to say at least that much. :o
  8. hay nice horsies
  9. Horses aren't so bad. I'm afraid of cows myself.
  10. [​IMG]

    that is so cute!! :)
  11. I grew up with horses. We didn't race them, we showed them (Arabians). Although this one time we bred a champion Arabian stallion with a fox trotter mare, oh my goodness what that a beautiful filly! She was born with a blockage in her intestine and seeing as we lived so far out in the country, the vet carried her into our house and performed the surgery to save her life right there on the dining room table!

    Summers I worked as a stable hand for a lady with 18 horses, she had 3 barns and she and I were the only 2 keeping after them. That was a lot of work but it sure was fun!
  12. I'm scared of horses. Once one galloped (with me on it) and stopped infront of a fence, sending me flying over it's neck and into a concrete wall.. and another time when I was VERY young, one bit my finger.

  13. If a vet was carrying a horse into my house my mom would lock that door so fast he wouldn't know what hit him.

    Lucky both your parents were horses people, none of mine are :p

    Vets around here can do emergency surgery if need be, but for collic surgery, etc... you need to drive 2+ hours to the animal hospital. So it's usually a one way trip for the horse. If they are lucky he can pull thru, but it has to stay a while.

  14. If I gave up on horses every time I got ran off with, dumped, bitten, kicked, etc... I would be out of a job.

    But they definitaly arn't for everybody.
  15. Yeah, we were lucky, we had the vet on hand for the birth and as soon as she was born she had problems. I grew up in a very strange household. My step-dad would go deer hunting and hang his kill from our swingset while he cleaned it. :lol:
  16. Maybe if I was properly re-introduced to them, I'd be okay. But both happened to me when I was quite young. And I'm always terrified that horses will run at me, or kick me if I'm anywhere near their bottom.
    I know you're supposed to run you hand along to let them know you're there.. but maybe they WANT to kick you :o
  17. Meh......I thought this thread was going to be about cool guitars, I feel cheated.....:( :( :( :(
  18. Horses are smart, if you're afraid of them they'll pick up on that and take advantage of you. The key is compassion and confidence, sort of a mutual respect. It can be daunting trying to approach an animal that much bigger than you that doesn't seem to listen to reason but they are truly beautiful creatures and just like a person, with a little patience and understanding, can be the best friend you'll ever know :heart: Hang in there, and try again! There really isn't a better feeling than being on a horse with the wind in your face and you're both just having a good time. (I really did not intend this to sound naughty :o )
  19. That pic needs moar cruel and evil caption..

    And i was really hoping for some Tom Green like pics, if ya know what I mean... :hi2u: