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FYI Pewp in this thread when you're pewpin

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. I wish we could rate threads.
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  3. You want to rate this up the poop shoot, don't cha?
  4. I need to work on that again. And FlyMart
  5. I went to a Latin place last night and bad things happened today. Shudder.
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  6. OMG it's happening right now.
  7. I pooped about 10 minutes ago
    It was glorious
    Certainly will prove to be the highlight of the day
    It will take quite a lot to surpass it
  8. Pooping atm
  9. ZRH should be in this thread constantly as he is always shitting up the place.

    BTW - I'm poopin
  10. This is officially my favourite thrad in the history of thradz
  11. ....and then the big brown shark came....
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  13. Thats racist
  14. Pfft, that was from Eddie Murphy!
  15. I know Lady Yeppers.

    Eddie Murphy and his brother in the bathtub and the log of shit... I'm aware of this but clearly you're not aware of jokes and sarcasm
  16. And clearly your aren't either :jvag:
  17. Riiiiiiight
  18. Pooping just so I can post in this thread.
  19. Guises i haven't pooped since yest AM

    I iz sad

    I wanna post while pewpin here tooooo