Old School - Lets give rep...

BigDov said:
Sadly, I'm unable to at this point. You'll have to accept my free unfing or these muffin crumbs until then- your choice.
can i have the free unfing now and the muffin crumbs later? I might get hungry after the unfing.
Delphinium said:
Ooooh, my chance to tell all of you bastards what I really think of you :fly:

Yeah, now I know what you really think of me :( *sniff, sniff*

Not that it's news to me or anything :fly:
BigDov said:
that's a two-way street!!!! :mad:

Is it now?

EDIT: I've had some inquiries about why I'm not here much anymore, sorry guys (and gals), I've been busy on and off-line, and haven't had much to say lately that is worth saying :(
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