Odd Case of Sexual Abuse


Erect Member
Nov 22, 2004
Savannah, GA
A local Radio station was discussing a very odd case of sexual abuse this morning. A mom found out her 13 year old son was having sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. So the mom went out and bought him condoms. She's now charged with sexual abuse for providing her 13 year old son with condoms.

That just doesn't seem right.
that's retarded and encourages kids to have unprotected sex. GREAT. Let's make it illegal for kids under 21 to buy condoms! We will curb underage sex what a retarded world we live in.
where was this? alabama or mississippi?
how about teaching the 13 year old to not have sex until he knows what the hell he's doing? at least she tried to prevent anything bad happening to either of them by supplying a mechanism for safe sex
fly said:
Yeah i do. Another NYE alone if I don't. If only I had gotten a visit from theac and pandora. :hs:
come to chicago, my friend is going to be dj-ing at the party we're going to. there will be multiple kegs - cold and domestic.
Oh, that's the most bizzarre thing I've ever heard. I can't believe that they would call that sexual abuse. Additionally, how did the authorities find out that she bought the jimmies for him?