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Never, ever, ever...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. The dude had feathers on his penis, or what?
  2. what the holy hell?
    How the fuck do you mistake your penis for anything but your penis?
  3. I once mistook mine for a needle.
  4. So did I... :mad:
  5. I thought mine was an IRS agent.
  6. Maybe mines just way bigger than the rest of yours, cuz when my wangers out, I know about it wether theres a chicken in the vacinity or not
  7. Yours is always out when a chicken's in the vicinity. Or a chikken for that matter.

  8. right , but I wouldnt mistake it for the chicken, thats the difference
  9. Not even when its in the chicken?
  10. Even if it was in the chikken?
  11. wtf are you two dipshits sharing a brain today?


    (Until properly sterilized)
  13. I walked through the living room with a semi chub hanging out of the front of my PJ pants once.

    Yes, my mom saw it.
  14. Stop bumping old threads, asshat
  15. and you'll stop me how exactly?
  16. By sending you to PG, like I just did.
  17. do you think he'll see some ghosts to hunt in there?

  18. wash the sand out of your crotch :tard: