GAY My cat tastes of fox poop

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Clam whisperer
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
Super serious thread guys.

My cat came in yesterday and she stunk to high heaven like shit. I inspected her (EURGH) and it looked like she had some poop down the back of her legs/around her bumhole (she has very long hair) and it was all matted. Anyway so i got out some scissors and put her head between my legs and tried trimming the hair. She didn't like that very much. In the end I ran a sink full of cold water and sat her in it like a baby and tried to wash her hair/bum (EURGH) then I threw her outside to dry out.

Anyway she still fucking stinks, i can't let her some in and stink up my furniture etc. We think she might have (like a dog does) rolled round in fox shit or something.

What can I do? If I keep her locked out for much longer she's probably going to run off.
So you're sure she didn't poop on herself? If she did, you may have a bigger problem than just smell.
No cat poop smells that bad. I used to live with a dog who loved rolling round in fox poop (why do they do that?!?!?) and it had the same stink.
Cat poop is horrendous smelling. It just seems odd that she has it around her butthole. If she rolled in it, wouldn't it be on her back?