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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. Click for full size:

  2. uh ok drool
  3. I think santa needs to bring someone a Wacom tablet for Christmas.
  5. Are you still working with elpmis on this?

  6. Um..I dunno what he wants to do exactly.
    I just made that one myself.
  7. You guys should be working together on this shizzle.
  8. A+ material. Moar!
  9. ahahaahahahha!!!
  11. you sir, have offended my delicate sensibilities:mad:


  12. Mission Accomplished!
  13. ahahahahahahaha

    you know, the programmer next to me and i always say we should be doing cartoons. we'd be millionaires. we could put mr parker and stone out of business.

    it must be the delightful machine shop air

  14. It may also have something to do with all the acid I dropped as a teenager:shady:
  15. Ahahahahahahaha


    god I love these
  16. I ate sheets of that crap...couldn't pay me to touch it now
  17. same here
    Im worried that if I took it now, I wouldnt come back
  18. I use to eat kool aid raw

    Ya know, without water or anything

    Yeah, I was cool
  19. Haha, same here.

    And Tang.
  20. I snorted it.