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Mmm sexy new PC

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Lynnakitty, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. It's so fast.. yet so tedious installing all this crap :cran:
  2. QFT
  3. Which system did you end up getting? AIM me if you need help with software reinstallation.
  4. It's not that good so I'm sure someone will laugh at me:

    AMD - Athlon-Xp 1.917Ghz 333FSB, 512, Barton (2600+)
    Asus A47N8X-X (nForce1+5PCI+AGP8X + LAN 5xYUSB2.9 +6CH Audio 400FSB)
    then.... 512 MB DDR RAM
    Radeon 9600 Pro 128 DDR
    80 Gigs
    LG DVD RW, Dual Layer
  5. You're not on AIM
    I do need help finding some stuff :( I got no Microsoft Word :(
  6. Let me get on AIM, and send you some links to purchase word at discount prices. ;)
  7. needs more powerpc
  8. -burp-
  10. Hey Lynny...... ;)
  11. Hay buddy :D
    I like my new pc -kisses it-

  12. I need a new pc :( My "old" 2.0ghz w/ 512mb ram, 9800pro just isn't cutting the mustard any more.

    And hey, I'll take a kiss too as long as your giving 'em out :D
  13. gimme that pc and i'll give you a kissy.
  14. You could DL OpenOffice and use it free. Even if you don't have broadband it would only be an overnight DL. In the US at most colleges and universities you can pick up most MS software for cheap.
  15. How about the xbox instead?! I get way more use out of my pc than the xbox :fly:
  16. :drool:
    I would totally like an xbox
  17. Who wouldn't?!