Movie Metro 2033


Flaccid Member
Oct 29, 2004
I've been playing it this morning and must say....

It's graphically what Fallout 3 SHOULD have been, and as creepy as Doom 3 wished it could have been.
I played the hell out of it months ago. It was fun. My only complaint was that it was completely linear, which ruined much of the atmosphere.
It's not bad, it just could have been 100 times better. Of course that would've required massive levels and whatnot. I was impressed with how good it was, honestly. I look forward to their future titles.

Also, Metro 2033 is a bestselling novel in Russia, further proving that country is pretty damn cool.
After playing it a bit I'd have to say it's more of a blend between Doom 3 and the old Thief series than Fallout. My only gripes are that things with the sneak system that could be a little more fine-tuned.