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Video Man attacks girls feet with his face.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by G-Shock, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. I think he did a good job of keeping his cool I don't know how I'd react to a bunch of thugs attacking my pregnant girlfriend.
  2. I like how he managed to get her between himself and the attackers. Really good bf work there.
  3. how come this retarded transit shit always happens on the left coast?
  4. because florida doesn't have much in the way of public transportation/subways
  5. public transportation
    black people
  6. I know how my boyfriend would react, and for that I love him. I've always admired a man who can run away quickly whilst still looking like Fred Astair.
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    I think you mean gene kelly. here's a vid of you 2 out dancing :fly:

  8. Negatory. Astaire was very nimble on his feet also.
  9. Did he try to steal the girls phone? The guy kept his cool way better than I would have.
  10. I would have laid that stupid bitch out after the swinging kick to the head.