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Mah nails! They be red! (or sizzle's way to procrastinate from studying :o)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. [​IMG]

    that is not a macro!!! or is it? :shifty:


    Instead of focusing on the midterm I should be studying for, I decided to paint my nails...although I was reading while doing them. sorta :o

    How's everyone doing? :D
  2. :drool:

    Now do them purple!
  3. In a couple days. :p
  4. lets see if the tits match

  5. red? not so much
  6. just post boobs dammit :p
  7. I'm supposed to be setting up a tracker, but I'm choosing to procrastinate in the arcade.
  8. *looks down at chest*

    what boobs? :(
  9. the arcade is an evil evil place.

    and im no where near beating the high score in tetris. what are the secrets to doing so well? :(
  10. those boobs
  11. the tetris here is evil since you must press the right/left arrows each time you wish to move the block. I'm used to holding them and I've been doing bad at tetris.

    I've been spending my time terminating asteroids with extreme prejudice, but this fucking spacebar keeps sticking. Oh well, I'll get a new keyboard tomorrow.
  12. could we get boobs?
  13. Oooooo pretty :D
  14. You're so bad! ;)

  15. Post pics of whatever's down there.
    We'll find 'em.