FYI LOL, climate alarmist admits he was just trying to scare people

It's just like when Gore came out and apologized for pushing ethanol. He said it was no good for the environment but he wanted the votes from the corn states.
We just haven't been keeping records long enough to prove without a doubt long term climate change. What is a decade or two of varying climate on something millions of years old? At most humans will make the Earth uninhabitable for us but long after we're gone the Earth will still be here and eventually heal to the point some other species dominates.
I think without a doubt the climate is getting warmer quickly. Only today I was out in just a shirt and shorts which would have been unthinkable a couple of months ago.
Even if they were just fear mongering (which is a pretty common thing for people to do these days, see Fox News for details), I have absolutely no problem with trying to keep my water and my environment clean. All I have to do is drive to the Chesapeake Bay and take a look around to know that our environment is all jacked up because people don't give a shit. If I swim in that water I come out bright orange. WTF is up with that? Anyway, even if he was wrong, there is nothing wrong with trying to make the planet we inhabit a better place.
At the top level its a giant money grab using dumb scare tactics. Need to approach it differently to get people to go with it, otherwise you've left a bad taste in half the populations mouth before you've even started cleaning up the environment.