Just got back from vacation and..


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Nov 19, 2004
33.745091, -84.390205
boy, are my arms tired..

I'll post pics as soon as I unpack the camera.

How the week went:

Wed 22: fly to Reno & drive to my Mom's house on Lake Tahoe
Thurs 23: hang out and not do much. get hammered with my wife and sisters (6 bottles of champagne, 6 pack of beer, 1/2 bottle of Kettle One and some rum
Fri 24: open presents and drink some more
Sat 25: eat, eat, eat and eat. finish the day wife more drinking
Sun 26: went to my sisters and drank all day and night
Mon: eating, sledding and drinking
Tues: drive back and forth to Reno because of flight delay issues. learned to put on snow chains
Wed: pack, ski, my wife fucks up her knee (possible ACL damage). Fly home.

I have a ton of awesome lake/mountain pics and quite a few cute baby pics.




smileynev said:
Needs more pics of wife.

now now.. you know I don't do that. I don't like being yelled at.

Harper said:
needs more pics of dog. awww what a cutie pie!

that's my sister's dog. she's a GREAT dog. my daughter loved her. The only bad part was that the dog and my daughter have the same name.

The pic of the mountain with part of a house is were my sister lives. nestled right next to a mountain. if it weren't for the constant snow, I think I might enjoy living there.