Japan is damn cool



They have so many cool things to compensate for their lack of space. And I'm not talking about small weiners and short women.

They have this garbage disposal system in some apartments. You put your trash in the shoot and it blasts it 100miles an hour to a near by plant through underground tubes. They then dump it into an incinerator where the garbage is burned. They use the heat provided off of the garbage to generate electricity aswell as pipe the heat to near by buildings.

They also have this parking garage. You drive up on this conveyor belt and get out of the car and you recieve a parking card. The car is then automaticaly taken through a series of elevators and belts and stacked somewhere in the plant. When you want your car back, you swipe the card and your car automaticaly comes out the door within a minute.

That's pretty cool stuff.
this is why I love discovery channel. You learn so many cool things.

Plus where else can you learn about millions of seamen travelling far far away and have it used in 2 different contexts.
And they have a really fucked up sense of what's cool when it comes to modifying their cars.

BUT- Akira Kurosawa was Japanese, and that's all I need to know.
Drool-Boy said:
watch Lost in Translation
It paints a very strange picture of life in Japan:p

It paints a rather nice picture of the chick, though.
I worked with a guy who went to Japan and said they go crazy for white men. He would be sitting on a bus and the girl accross from him would uncross her legs and try to get his attention, etc... he says anyone can get laid there by hot asian chicks.