ITT we learn how to use Google ...



Well kids I wanted to post this last night but Googleguide was down and I was having computer problems as well. So if you want to learn how to use google effectively try out this website. I haven't even finished the guide and it has helped me immesnely. When I couldn't get to it last night I almost cried because I never did finish the tutorial and I thought they might have pulled the website. Anyway I hope this helps those of you who have problems using google.
The forum is great but wouldn't you want to be self suffcient?

Drool-Boy said:
why use googles whne you can just makes a thread and ask the foram?
I hear ya ... I'm the greatest procrastinator of all time. I seem to work best when I'm under a time crunch.

NeedMoreEmo said:
Because we can burden other people while we procrastinate?