Ontopic IT types in the Ft Myers/Naples Area?


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Oct 19, 2004
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Anyone know anyone good? My parents are in Naples, my dad needs a proper NAS to replace his old WHS box I built years ago. It's starting to go wonky.

I want to set him up with a Synology DS1812+ with 8x4TB drives in it in SHR-1, along with 2 cold spares. He has a spare 1500VA ups for it already.

He is, of course looking to do this ASAP, or I'd do it the next time we flew down.
Why does he need so much storage?

the one I just bought has 8 3tb drives in it. with two as the failovers I have about 16tb...and 200mb of space left

when I get home I'm not only upgrading them to 4tb but buying the 5 disk expansion for it. some people are data hoarders
Lots of people still like to go old school and host their data locally. I can't find any fault with that mindset.

It's like 56k mentality. No offense to you guys. Do whatever the hell you want. I just don't get it.
I get the senior mentality though. The 'it's safe if it's with me' thing, I can view it as many times as I want with no data charges. Comprehending that a $2 VOD movie is far cheaper than digging through the $5 bin at walmart is irrelevant because it's not physically in their posession.

For the longest time I tried to get my m&d to drop the landline. my m&d were like, WE HAVE TO HAVE A LANDLINE!! WHAT IF THE POWER GOES OUT??!!??

after hearing this for years and years I ruined the dinnertable conversation one evening by simply asking 'which phone do you have that doesn't require being plugged in?'
You're missing the duplicitous nature of my statement.
So unnecessary to data hoard these days. Anything you could ever want is out there 24/7.

this is not true, a lot of stuff is still not available. even on netflix shows are often a full season behind and a LOT of movies are unavailable

plus there are companies like time warner that piss on their customers by refusing to improve their infrastructure and charge absurd amounts of money for their internet services only to then complain when netflix and youtube don't pay them even more for peering. then they decide to cap the data services people are already paying too much for

oh, and then there are people who don't have access to fast internet

even when you do the lack of peering often means that media is streamed too slowly to get the best possible quality.

it's not unnecessary for people that want to watch bluray movies at their original quality instantly without having to buffer or hit their data cap or even sign up for yet another service because the one they already have doesn't carry that particular movie

edit: I didn't realize valve had already answered more briefly. fuck your cheese plate
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