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FYI It Has Begun

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. I am confused. In Houston if the signs on the highways don't have travel times through rush hour they have warnings like this complete with the police phone number. Actually there is a permenant sign by the intersection of SR6 and I-10 that asks those with cell phones to call if there is trouble. In a county in which driving with a cell phone is illegal.
  2. Pick up that can.
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  3. I don't see any cans? :confused:
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  5. I lol'd. Mostly because I stack up combine mile-high, son.
  6. I always pictured you as being one of the Combine.
  7. has begun? dude it begun a long while ago.
  8. at least we aren't the UK with police cameras literally everywhere. we're getting there though.
  9. There are plenty of cameras around DC.
  10. Don't need 'em with the satellites....... :tinfoil:
  11. Our random warnings are about not driving drunk and buckle ing our seat belts