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Interest paid on my marklar!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by BigDov, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Sweet! I had 4900 in the bank yesterday, now I've got 5145! I'm no math whiz, but the Bank Of Useless has a great interest rate!!

  2. interest isn't that high. :(
  3. 5% compounded daily!! OMGOMGOMG
  4. Damn, it's like Tradewars
  5. Or Drugwars
  6. Or spermwars.

  7. Or marklarwars
  8. buy me a whore
  9. I plede allegience to the marklar of the Useless Forums of the Internet and to the Insanity for which it buys, one Forum under Fly, inconcievable, with namerapes and interest for all.
  10. someone marklared us up the marklar
  11. Of course I'm sure the monthly service charge cancels out any benefit from the interest
  12. there's a service charge?
  13. Of course, papa's gotta eat ya know?
  14. i know not what you speak of.
  15. Yeah, I don't either.....
  16. If I hadn't lost 12000 trying to steal some yesterday, I'd have some mad marklar interest.

    Damn thief failure. :(
  17. Ohh good game.
  18. owned by thief.
  19. You buy some heroin for $43.

  20. Backfire!!!