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I'm retiring for now.......

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Coqui, Oct 22, 2004.

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    From the arcade. Just gets me way too competitive and I don't like that.

    In an attempt to make things right (and to make more people come to the arcade), I will now post my strategies for whatever game you want me to post about. Keep in mind, if I'm not in the top 3 for whatever game that might be, I don't think my advice would help you much.

    So ask away and I will help you with whatever I can.

    Good luck and good gaming! :heart:
  2. Ms. Pacman, how do you get past level 10?

  3. Eat all the dots.
  4. Prophetic :eek:
  5. Tron, I always get stuck on the second lightcycle level. Any advice?
  6. What is your strategy for the "I can put more shiny things in my butt than you can" game?

  7. Sadly I have problems with that one too. Only advice......don't die

  8. *resists urge to link to goatse*
  9. In Gauntlet, whats the best strategy if you play the archer without any friends?

  10. I always used the dwarf so I can't help you there.
  11. In that Star Trek game for the Apple IIe, how do you get past the klingon birds of prey. They always woop up on me something fierce
  12. What about killing the end boss on Revenge of Shinobi? I could never get past that :(

    -or is this supposed to be about the Arcade?
  14. Ok first game asked about was Ron North's Jewels. Here's the strategy:

    Since it doesn't start with elimnating all the triples already, just pick something that will cause it to remove them. Once the game has settled down, pick a safety jewel set. What I mean by this is find one that you will use to advance as the very last resort. It's always best to keep this somewhere near the bottom of the stacks.

    As it should be obvious, try to get the largets combinations of jewels at once as it gives you more bonus points.

    Your ultimate goal should be to get to the levels divisible by 5. Once you do that, you should be able to clear each one of those in one click. remember, just doing one set of three will bring you up as much as clearing out 4 sets of three all at once.

    The main, important tip is to keep that safety jewel set. If you just go around randomly clicking, you'll run out of options soon enough.

    Beyond that, try to vary where in the pile you are removing gems from and don't try to make them always vertical or always horizontal.
  15. i need advice on Albatross Overload i cant get to the level people are at now :(
  16. I thought that game was about big penises.

  17. Unfortunately I haven't figured out a surefire way to do that either. Notice I'm not in the top 3. :(

    Only thing I can suggest is when you launch the pengu, try to get it so that an albatross catches it as it's on it's way down. Also make it get caught by the highest albatross there.

    You do that, it should reach 100 points before you have to click once to get it to flap it's wings.

  18. Replace jewels with penises and you should be all set.
  19. you quiting still doesn't give me the chance to get in the top three of any :(

  20. That's why I'm divulging my secrets