I'm really in the mood for a donut...


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Nov 16, 2004
Actually those little donut holes, chocolate preferably. The only place to get those is about a 25 minute drive :( no donuts for me...
Pandora said:
I had a Chick-fil-a Chicken bizkut for breakfust today!! :drool:

So what's everyone's favorite kinda donut?? I likes ze powdered sugar or ze cinnamon sugar ones.... :drool:
You didn't make coffee this morning :mad:
the great thing about Canada is there is a tim hortons on every corner and they all sell tim bits. You can get like 20 for $2
Coqui said:
They have them everywhere here too. (Columbus, OH)

AHAHAHA, Canada is slowly invading the US. In 5 years from now all the tim hortons will morph into killer robot fighting machines and kill you all!!!!

hmm, I drove through Ohio Saturday and didn't see any. But I wasn't looking.