If you like technically proficient music...

These guys are like those only completely different. They're called Dragonforce, which makes me want to shoot myself in the face, and their brand of 'extreme power metal' incorporates such thrasher elements as Geddy Lee-like vocal pitches and Nintendo-inspired techno backdrops.

Here's another interesting clip.


Yeah, he was quite bad at the show. People just laughed him off then Herman came back out and saved the place.
Regardless of how seriously they might take themselves (and I'm not sure if they do or not), I :heart: Dragonforce, and in part specifically because of those reasons Sarcasmo mentioned.

I love that some of the songs sound like a NES 8-bit symphony on speed. The lyrics are all about epic battles between good and evil and shit. If I still played WoW, I'd be cueing their CD's up before every raid, as it would be the perfect background music. And the fact that they can consistently thrash as hard and as long as they do is amazing. I wouldn't classify them as 'Extreme Power Metal,' they are speed prog metal with vocals that border on pop-rock.

I think that the speed, the higher pitch of the music and vocals, and the epic D&D lyrics just make for really fun music.
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I honestly don't know why they're so popular. You'd think there would be a million bands out there that can go out and jam for 9 hours and accomplish essentially nothing.

Like the Grateful Dead.

beats the hell outta me. All the guys in phish are crazy talented. All went to Juliard (sp?). But it just suuuuuuucks and feeding off the Grateful Deads lingering popularity. Must've been a REALLY bad batch of acid.