I wrote something for UF for the holidays


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Sep 30, 2004
I wrote this last Christmas, so some of your may be reading this for a second time.


By Luke
New Testament Staff Writer

JUDAEA -- Jesus Christ, the Bethlehem man who claims
to be the son of God and king of the Jews, is
scheduled to be crucified today at noon along with two
other men convicted of misdemeanors.

Christ, 36, who was accused last week of sedition,
preventing the payment of the tribute to Caesar and
assuming the title of king, spoke last week with
Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor of Judaea.

Pilate initially declared that no fault could be found
in Christ's actions. But last week he admitted to
hating Jews, drawing speculation that Christ's planned
execution was not based on His charges.

Christ said yesterday He would die for the sins of
people like Pilate.

"I think it's a pretty selfless thing, to be dying for
other peoples' sins and stuff," said Lewis Bernstein,
a comparative religion professor at Columbia
University. "That's a life and death decision. Let's
see if he rises again like all those Internet chat
rooms are predicted. I bet he'll do it in five days."

Others were less optimistic. Herod the Great, who was
appointed king of Judea by the Roman senate in January
of 40, said claims to his throne should be taken
seriously. And that he doubted Christ was king of

"I'm the king, God dammit," he said in a telephone

A spokesman for Pilate did not return calls seeking