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i should be packing to go hunting...

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. but instead i'm here.

    damn yuo Useless Foram!!!!!! :heart:
  3. tomorrow! we leave tomorrow! :p
    bozu over there gave me a packing list a mile long of stuff to take. i don't feel like tracking it all down right now
  4. dont forget to take pics, and then make a thread about it ;)
  5. I expect you to be painted up to the elbows in the blood of innocent animals (and maybe a few stray hobos) by monday missy!
  6. ooh, camera, good idea. he didn't say that one. now if i could only find the damn thing...
  7. needs moar :furry:
  8. What are you going to kill?
  9. hopefully a white-tailed deer
  10. You can practice on the homeless
    no one will mind
  11. Mmmmmm fresh kill.
  12. but it's hard to find homeless in the woods :confused:
  13. you lure them out there with beef jerky and thunderbird , you silly
  14. hmm, sounds like a good plan. how about luring my enemies in there too? no one would miss them too much...
  15. That you have to work out on your own.
    I wouldnt want to be implicated as an acessory. know...I get to keep some of them....

  16. does the wife know about your necro fetish? or did you nix the whole 'til death do us part' vow?

  17. Shes learned to not ask questions:shady:
  18. hey, if you want to have them mounted that's your own deal
  19. I like the way you think :cool:

    Have fun!
  20. Dead ones can't say no.