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I hate PTA moms

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Applesauce, Oct 28, 2009.

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    When a teacher sends out an email requesting the help of a parent to come take pics of the kids in their costumes this Friday, because she won't be there, and I already said I will do this, like 2 minutes after she sent it, DON'T FCKING REPLY 2 HOURS LATER THAT YOU WILL DO IT, AND LICK HER CROTCH WITH YOUR "SOOOOOOOOO SORRY THE KIDS ARE SICK" SHIT!!

    I already took it, bitches!! Suck my cute ass!

    I swear these PTA broads have to one up everyone!! THIS is why I cannot be part of that shit!

    Whatever. All of their tires are getting slashed on Friday.
  2. I know the type, even though I don't deal with that crap yet, thank the maker.

    The same type become politicians.
  3. Holy awesome!!!

    Ok, I mean to rephrase to "POWER PTA moms!"

    Jeezis Lord, they really do have to stick their asses in everything.

    When I lived in WI, I was in the PTA just so those retard midwestern housewives had to deal with me alllll of the time. And seriously, I had to smack a bitch before I was taken seriously, since I was not a fat, Kohl's clothes wearing hound, who is guaranteed to have something in the ol' crockpot

  4. Well, Juli. Tomorrow is a new day. ;)
  5. Kohls is too pricey for me :fly:
  6. Another day, another email from rabid PTA hounds to shoot myself over.

  7. dude, I love MILFs
  8. Just think. In another couple years when states have completely cut out public school programs, these P(I)TA Moms will be teaching your kids from 8 to 3:30 all about creationism, etc etc. Woot!
  9. Meh, that will not happen and you know it.
  10. if i was a PTA mom, i'm not sure i'd want you around my kids without my direct supervision. :D
  11. LOL.

    Seriously, my son can ONLY go as some gay ass nursery rhyme character for halloween!

    Who thinks of that shit? Oh yea, rabid power PTA hounds!
  12. Say it offends your "x" heritage, those people looooove "celebrating diversity" :rolleyes: :fly:
  13. Native American.

    YESSSS this would be perfecto. I could say that Mother Goose is our satan.

  14. Excellent.

    That could be an easy win on your part.
  15. I thought you were 1/2 mexican. or was that someone else?

    if you are then I would say put him in some dia de los muertos makeup and scare the ever living fuck out of the rest of the kids. if they bitch, "cultural diversity" or whatever bullshit those yappy cunts and pansy administrators will cower in front of
  16. lmfao, that would be hilarious. It's extremely conservative around here.

    No, I'm not messican!!
  17. was it kiki? i don't remember

    anyways, find a nursery rhyme character that originally had a much darker essence.

    dress him in late 18th century regalia, put fake blood across his throat and have him carry the severed head of jill in a bucket
  18. No, I look teh messicans or latina, but I assure, no.

    and lmfao. I KINDA think that won't work.