i dont know if its a blog thread, but .. my motorcycles :D

parking lot

you should keep them in your living room! that'll easily make you 2x the man you currently are...wait, 2x0= :(

edit: :lol:, you know I <3 you bro

My uncle is so manly, he keeps his lawnmower, industrial leaf blower, and 1923 T bucket his built in high school in his porch. He fitted electric glass garage doors onto the side of the porch to get the stuff out easier. And he was going to wear a Harley vest and jeans to his own son's wedding this weekend.

God why didn't I take after him :(
Oh, and nice pick up on those bikes, inline. Now we can both go out for a ride instead of me sitting bitch on the bike :heart:

I didn't know the Miata had a towing capacity, let alone one of 1500 lbs at least.
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