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I am proud to present, The Emo Glasses club v.2

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by d4rkspike, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Thats right, ITS BACK! :D

    Are your glasses emo enough? Post a pic and i'll be the judge! :cool:
  2. damn have to make this thread when im home and without my glasses. :mad:
  3. :lol: are they any different? if not, then, you're in :o
  4. I have pig ears that would make you want to cry. No emo glasses though. :(
  5. oh :o

    sweet :p
  6. which means add it to your sig :o
  7. okies :p

  8. Back from where?
  9. I'd post mine except I don't wear glasses...........yet
  10. :april:
  11. :lol:
  12. i'm already in said club
  13. :drool:
    Can i be your personal secretary?
  14. I don't have any pics of me on the internet.
  15. omg yes :drool:
  16. sweet.. i can wear slutty secretarial clothing!

    .. i mean.. answer you phone calls.. er..
  17. :eek: :heart: :drool: :heart: :drool:

  18. ;) :heart:

    edit: feel better yet?

  19. What are you trying to say? Huh!? Ya thats what I thought.
  20. a little :hs: :heart: