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How to catch a Moose

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by kikbot, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. mooseontheloose
  2. Oh my fucking god


    That's incredible, wish they had that on video


    that is hilarious
  4. "That's one heck of a meat pole,"

    doh beaten
  5. ahahahaa that's crazy. Who gets the meat though?
  6. Interesting.

    I would assume the rangers got to keep the meat.
  7. I would assume that, or it was given to a church or something.
  8. mmmmm....moose stew, moose chili, moose burgers, moose helper, moose tacos, moose burritos, moose pie:drool:

    anyone had moose before? any good?

  9. I have ... it was very gamey. In other words it tastes nothing like chicken. It has a more robust flavor like a dark beer.

  10. It makes excellent pepperoni or sausage though, jerky too. :drool:

  11. Nope. Buffalo is way tamer. kikbot's analogy was perfect in regards of how to compare it- buffalo = good beer, moose = that tasty, really thick dark beer
  12. thats really sad. it was still alive. :(
  13. you name needs moar flames or something, its like invisible

  14. i know. but someone stole are my marklars. :( when i picked pink i was thinking more like fushia.

  15. check again
  16. ahaha. is it really that bad? what would look better?

    p.s. i suck at tetris now. :(