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Hey mister

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by smileynev, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. ... I'm looking for my puppy. Have you seen him? He's a little dog, a Jack Russel, and he goes by the name of Scraps. Can you help me find him?
  2. *burp*

    Scraps eh?


    *throws dog collar away*

    Nope, haven't seen 'im
  3. Is Scraps a boy dog?
  4. Oh yes, hes here in the back of my van little boy...I have some candy too...come on in...
  5. He is, or was. But my mom brought him to the dog doctor once. After that he was sad for like a week. He still humps my leg though.
  6. Hershey's Kisses?
  7. Homemade ones too

  8. um , yeah, Ive already unwrapped them for you too
  9. With nuts
  10. And carrot pieces

  12. No corn?
  13. had to pick it out for some snickers bars I'm making
  14. i miss smileynev

  15. Yeah where the hell is he? And where's Theac?
  16. Nev got a new desk at work. At the end of a hallway. he isnt even on AIM anymore. :(

    Theac is taking a few weeks off again. Not sure if he has a real problem or is just being emo again.

    I miss them both tho. :heart:
  17. Need a stand in mod for theac?
  18. I'm just gonna admin his wife. :fly:

  19. Theac takes life way too seriously. Jeebus. He's gonna have stroke at 35 if he keeps that up.

    You can make me a mod. I'd perform my duties with refinement and dedication. Oh, and flair.
  20. From the outside, it certainly seems that way anyway. I think he needs an opiate addiction...