Here, suck on this!

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Oct 14, 2004
Planet Hell
One of my coworkers walked into the office a few minutes ago handing out candy canes, I love candy canes :drool: She handed one to another coworker and said "Here, suck on this". A couple of us started laughing and she couldn't figure out what she said that was so funny, which just made the whole thing worse :fly:

Now I'm not sure whether I should suck on this candy cane or not :eek:

This just might be the funniest thing that happens here today, later we have a Christmas party at a management member's house, which promises to be...shall we say *interesting*.
Coqui said:
Suck on it, but only if you take pictures of said sucking. :drool:

Can't do, I don't have my camera with me today, and the candy cane will be long gone by the time I get home.

I suppose I could get another candy cane for later ;)
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