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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mrs. Valve, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart:
    your present is still in the works, so here's what i got for now- :p
  2. Happy birthday to Mr. Sunshine :cool:

  3. Mister Sunshine turns how old today?

    Happy birthday mang :D
  4. Happy birthday dude!
  5. Someone is 26 and is wearing my heels.

  6. 26? :eek: Now I feel old.
  7. You feel old??? Yeah, right, I'm ancient!
  8. Happy fucking birthday :desslock:
  9. 26 spankings, thats all he wants for his birthday I hear. Who is going to administer them? I'll umm... stand back and eat this corndog and stuff. :shifty:

  10. o let me plz!
  11. I'll spank him, you just tend to that corndog there...
  12. Both of you have at it. Its going to cost you several corndogs a piece tho... thanks
  13. What's going on in here?

  14. spankings.

    After the spankings....the oral sex
  15. happy birthday! i had no idea people your age still kept count. :heart:

  16. At our age, there's nothing left to do but count.
  17. 26?

    wow, you're old.
  18. Nothing, nothing at all. Now go away so we can bake the birthday cake...

    ...ooops, you didn't hear that, no one mentioned a birthday cake, nothing going on here, just move on...
  19. Holy crap. That bald head led me to believe that he was older than me. Crap with extra crap.
  20. hehe :D